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Specialization in room divider and privacy partition solutions for commercial, office, education, healthcare, and residential spaces.  LOFTwall products are designed to help individuals and organizations better utilize space with flexible and functional freestanding divider screens, featuring a wide range of sizes, customizable panels, and unique finishes.

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With a marriage of the practicality of storage systems and the adaptability of room dividers, Shift adds much to an environment while only taking up a small footprint.










A new idea for a very traditional piece of office furniture – the cubicle. Give your employees, clients or co-workers something different and upgrade to a new concept in touchdown spaces. When it’s time to get to work, Dok breathes fresh air into the office.








A lightweight, flexible partition screen designed to maneuver effortlessly and conform to virtually any space. Neutral color panels allow for customization to enhance the design of your environment while also serving as a sound absorbing barrier in open workspaces and VOC pollutant eliminators.

Available in three colors, Flox sound absorbing panels  can complement the design of any space. Each panel is easily removable for quick re-configuration of panels or use as a mobile display.












Fully customizable, overhead suspended ceiling frame that is a great solution for accentuating open ceiling plans or shrouding structural or mechanical visual obstructions.   SKY is an overhead suspended ceiling frame that is a great solution for accentuating open ceiling plans or shrouding structural or mechanical visual obstructions.                









Modern room divider screen system designed to add privacy and creativity to a wide range of spaces for living and working.   Divide areas while maintaining an open flow throughout the workspace.  The modular frame design consists of interchangeable design panels with standard or customer finishes and a recycled aluminum frame.



A premium engineered acoustical panel system approaches sound control in a new way, designed to absorb up to 85% of noise in open spaces.  Instead of being limited to mounting sound panels to existing walls or ceiling, the BLOX system is modular, allowing placement anywhere desired in an environment, for best performance.  Each BLOX system is available in a dozen colors and six frame configurations.          
















The modular design of WEB creates a partition wall designed to be easily movable and have a unique visual and functional appearance.  The design of interconnected and overlapping elements creates an aesthetic with the function of creating a visual barrier for an open space or an area without blocking off natural light.  


Bringing an arrangement of undulating panels which provide visual barrier, yet also allow air and light to pass through openings.  The design functions as a filter between spaces.  WAVE’s curve panel shape dampens sound and redirects ambient light to pass through the screens openings.                












Overhead sliding partition system designed to open up or close off sections of space.

Easily Installs in New or Existing Spaces

GLIDE sliding screens are ceiling mounted to provide unobstructed floor clearance and ease of use for privacy or versatile open spaces.