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Workware Cabled

Introducing Workware Cabled

Tailored To Your Needs

Workware Cabled can be tailored to the needs of your shared space. Choose power receptacles to charge up your mobile wireless devices. Or also add VGA and HDMI cables and a Workware Cabled Processor to share content from your devices through a cable to the screen.

Seamless Interface

Combine with the Workware Wireless solutions and switch between Cabled connections and Wireless at the touch of a finger on the Workware Cabled Interface Module.


Workware Wireless

Introducing Workware Wireless


A software experience that supports unlimited simultaneous sharing and communication for users in real time. Wireless and secure at an enterprise level, content sharing is simple and intuitive regardless of the participants’ physical location or device used.

Flexibility, Built In

Offers support for sharing from Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac, to be as mobile as your device. Workware Wireless Pro eliminates the hassles of connecting with cables and reduces workplace clutter. Wireless connectivity enables ultimate freedom in designing your space.

Hardware and Software

Both Workware Wireless Base & Pro use the same Workware Wireless Module 2.0 hardware. Combined with the all new Workware Wireless Software 2.0, users can connect and share at the pace of ideas.

Focused and Highly Defined

View the details of your meeting in sharp, visually stunning 1080p image quality. Share your entire screen, a specific piece of content, or a single app window. The variety of new sharing tools can keep the group focused on the meeting topic instead of potentially distracting desktop wallpapers or pop-up notifications.


Workware Wireless Pro enables all involved participants to contribute simultaneously. Participants can add, combine, or shuffle the order of thoughts presented in real time. Ideas come together for a new level of sharing. Whether you are across the table, across town, or across the ocean – Workware Wireless Pro facilitates team collaboration well beyond the four walls of a conference room.


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