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Haworth X-Series

With X Series, you have one platform and countless possibilities. An incredible breadth of aesthetic and design elements gives you the freedom to use X Series anywhere you want. This family of functionality conforms to any workstyle, workplace, or work budget. 

One Platform, Countless Possibilities

How far can you go with X Series? Thanks to an incredible breadth of aesthetic options and design elements, you have the freedom to take X Series anywhere you want. Like a blank canvas—a tremendously functional, well-engineered, attractive blank canvas—X Series conforms to virtually any workspace, workstyle, and budget. It’s a single solution that helps bring the whole space together.






Balance, Rhythm, and Unity

Use X Series storage to define individual, collaborative, and public spaces, and help establish rhythm and balance throughout the floorplate. Want to enhance the flow even more? X Series storage pieces integrate perfectly with Enclose moveable walls, Compose systems, Patterns architectural elements, and other Haworth products for a unified, forward-looking aesthetic.







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